Sunday, 7 August 2011

A day at the Museum

Xanthe - (fashion photographer extraordinaire) wanted to do a heritage themed shoot, we both have a slight obsession with taxidermy so I came to the conclusion that we should use a museum as a location. The Grosvenor Museum in Chester very kindly let us loose on their collections and this was the result. I decided on an Eccentric Lady like theme crossed with hints of evolution, I made the shell sunglasses and necklace and got together quite a number of vintage hats along with textured garments.

I asked an extremely talented designer if I could borrow some pieces for the shoot and was very happy when he said yes. John Earnshaw is a recent graduate from MMU who specialises in experimental textile manipulation and printing techniques. He kindly loaned me the silver shirt and two pencil skirts. I was particularly drawn to John's themes and inspirations being the imagery of Northern life in the 1950s/60s and Teddy boy style. John told me that he has gained a place on the MA course at St Martins and I expect a very bright and shiny future for him. Please see the following link for more photos from John's collection

Sophie Bailey was our amazing model and has the most beautiful hair and eyebrows I have seen, Temi Aboderin provided the flawless hair and makeup and also turned out to be quite the wind technician, so much so that we nearly set off the censors and got locked in the Museum with all the silverware. Sophie Lickiss was our ever ready assistant who documented behind the scenes on the day, check out her blog Sweet pea for the shots;

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Black Magic

Some shots of Hammasa Kohistani playing the black widow in a dark fashion story by the ever imaginative Xanthe! The day involved setting up the historical looking still life to create a Vermeer style setting and some rubber stockings! Zaiba Khan created the amazing hair and make up which transformed Hammasa into a Gothic Mini Mouse. We were assisted by Sophie Lickiss who is a recent graduate who has already bagged a meeting with the Editor of Vogue Italia! I cannot take credit for the crows appearance in the shoot as this was added by my lovely boyfriend Adam.