Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sistersaurus for Material Girl


I am proud to post the final shots from my shoot for my favourite magazine - Material Girl's Winter issue which is available to purchase NOW! I think going to the zoo is the most fun you can possibly have on a shoot and we had an awesome time in sunny Blackpool :) We decided on a Geeky sisters day out theme and I borrowed garments from the amazing Hannah Harrison, Lily Stodel and Claire Rushby. Inspiration came from Wes Anderson's films and Venetia Scott's beautiful styling and photography. Sophie and Evie were brilliant models and performed an amazing piggyback pose which was a lot more difficult than it appears! 

Photographer - Helen Kirkbright
Stylist - Zoe Hancock
Hair and make up - Rebecca Anderton
Models - Sophie Bailey and Evie at Boss Model Management