Sunday, 13 February 2011

Death Becomes Her

Katie's cape is very gothic and dark, I have wanted to shoot in a graveyard for a long time and this seemed the perfect setting for the dramatic feeling I got from it. I wanted to involve different textures to match the capes intricate shapes, I chose this rubber effect leggings to reflect the light, the top's jagged print echoed the edges of the cape and the head piece gives the outfit a Beefeater vibe. The head piece by the way is a vintage duster that I bought at Emaus charity warehouse! :) As you can see from my mood board I was set on a colour scheme which reminded me of pictures from the bible, pale blues and deep reds. Inspiratin also came from Truffaut's film Le Mariee etait en Noir and Death Becomes Her. I made the above accessories to tie the outfit together and luckily Abi didnt mind wearing heavy curtain tassles in her ears they did look awesome though!

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