Saturday, 3 September 2011

Art Attack

Following my earlier collaboration with my lovely friend and artist Katie Bowker we decided another shoot was in order so that we could display her most excellent capes which featured in her MA degree show and were also part of ' New Designers ' fair this summer. We decided on a tree for a prop which could be changed up for each cape, I sprayed this blue and we worked together on various sets to give the capes the rightful background they deserve! We had a very fun day which involved making lampshade and pompom mobiles and very achy arms. See Katie's blog for more details about her work;

Xanthe took these amazing photos which really capture the colours and mood perfectly, we were lucky to work with the beautiful model Virginjie from Lithuania who is here for the summer and our fab team including Oliver James to construct the hair turrets, Pippa for flawless make up and Sophie Lickiss was a very handy assistant, she took some behind the scenes shots on the day too which can be seen here; blog

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